Friday, August 14, 2009

Summer update

Wow. Um, wow. Been a while. In the worst news of the summer, our dog Teddy died last week. So in memoriam:

Teddy Bair Tomac

Teddy loved to pal around with his buddy Taylor. They did everything together, from wrestling to playing to napping (Ted frequently used Taylor as his pillow). But when Taylor died 3 years ago, Teddy changed. He became our “goth kid.” He was morose, and for a while, he wouldn’t get off the bed, not even to eat. His heart was broken.

Tarfful came along to help keep Ted alive. But Ted had already lost much of his playful side. He and Lisa still mourned the loss of Taylor. Ted now spent his days sleeping, barking at the vacuum, barking at me, barking at Lisa, and barking at me and Lisa. Lately, he had started to become pals with the neighbors’ Yorkie that they rescued. Howie has no kneecaps in his back legs, and Ted had lost so much weight that he had little muscle in his. So they were a perfect couple of buddies. But Ted would only be interested a little at a time.

Ted still had his personality. He was a very insistent dog, from when it was time to go outside, to when it was time to go inside, to when it was time to eat, or when it was time to be picked up (which was often). In fact, he perfected the art of turning 180 degrees to make it easier for you to pick him up seconds after pushing you in the leg with his front paws to let you know that “it is time to pick me up”.

It’s still hard to realize that Ted is gone. We’ll miss you buddy.