Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Season

Yes, I realize it's been awhile, but I felt bad about bumping Teddy down. But Spring is in the air, our puppies Tarfful and Teebo are loving the backyard, and with the promise of the season of growth, it seemed time to update.

In case anyone still reads this and cares, this year I've signed up for 4 triathlons. None of them are Ironman distance, but I've never competed like this before. Should be challenging.

Oh, and my last month or so has been overtaken by my single-speed project - converting my old steel-frame road bike to a single speed. Of course, I decided that wasn't enough, and since the paint job was going down-hill (ha!), it needed a paint job. Just need the last few coats of clearcoat, and it will be done. Here's a peek sans decals: