Monday, August 22, 2011

2011 stuff

In case anyone reads this, I didn't do much this year. 1 Tri - the KC Corporate Challenge. Swam slower than last Year, Biked slower, too. But ran faster - in fact, fast enough to set a new PR! 62:30 for 587 yds Swimming, 9 miles Biking, and 2.4 miles running. Next year I hope to break the 1-hour mark.

Reasons for not doing much this year? Bathroom remodel is at the top of the list. stripped it down to the studs and subfloor, and rebuilt it - new insulation, new wiring, new plumbing - it took me 2 days to play with the copper lines to move them to accomodate the fixture and the waterlines to the washing machine. they share the same cubic foot of space. not fun at all - tiling, and best of all, a marine radio and 23" HDTV behind a 2-way mirror for Lisa to watch while he takes a whirlpool bath. (I must admit I like watching sportscenter when I take a shower after my morning run.)

Well, that's all for now. I'm hoping to return to form next year - I'm already starting to figure what I want to do.

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