Friday, November 7, 2008

The accident: a round-up on the roundabout

I realize I didn't do what i said I would the other day. So here's a run-down on the accident

All things considered, I got lucky - it wasn't so bad. The worse stuff is all the shenanigans that have taken place since then. So here's how it goes:

I was riding my bike down a hill and into a roundabout (aka traffic circle) when a vehicle came up behind me. We entered the traffic circle/roundabout at the same time, despite it being a narrow opening. I remained in the right side of the lane, keeping a close eye on the car next to me as well as the road, as well as any other vehicles that may also enter the traffic circle. Before I could slow down to allow this vehicle to go ahead of me (and keep me in a safe position away it), it slowed down, presumably to let me continue through the traffic circle. I was about 6-10 feet ahead of it when out of the corner of my eye, I saw the angle of the vehicle change and knew I was going to be struck from behind.

The front bumper hit my rear wheel, I crashed to the ground, getting scraped and bruised, my shorts were tore up on the right side, and my helmet was damaged. (I remember thinking 'Thank goodness I am wearing a helmet because that curb is coming at my head really fast!' I floated/bounced/something over the curb and rolled onto the sidewalk while the car stopped - a Honda CRV.

I checked myself over for serious injuries - strawberries on my right palm, elbows, knees, and abrasions on my hip, knees, and a few other places. Nothing broken, though something very well could have. After the adrenaline wore off, that's when my left knee hurt like crazy - nice deep bruise there, a deep bruise on my upper left arm, and my right shoulder hurt like crazy for he next 3 days, like I'd torn the rotator cuff, or close to it.

I picked up my bike and noticed the rear wheel was damaged. The driver got out of her vehicle, and asked if I was alright. I told her my injuries were minor, and having never been hit by a car before, when she asked if we should call the police, I declined, since I didn't feel my injuries were severe enough to warrant doing so. I figured the police had better things to do. I requested, though, that we trade names, numbers, and addresses in case something came up later; her front bumper has some nice scrapes that showed the blue from the bottom of my shoe, and I knew I didn't cause this accident, and thought i should at least get her information to protect myself. (She actually asked, after looking at her bumper and then my wheel if we should "just call it even." I didn't have a reply to that.)

Turns out, after wobbling to the bike store on a very bad wheel, that it was damaged beyond any repairs they could do at the shop. It needed to get sent back to the manufacturer so they could replace the junked rim. It would take a couple of weeks to do that, and so I had to buy a new wheel so I could keep training (after my wounds scabbed up, of course).

Does it get more interesting? Maybe if you are into Law & Order or a courtroom drama. Stay tuned!

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Stacy said...

WHAT?! You can't leave us hanging like that?!!! ;) I LOVE Law & you just pulled the "to be continued" at the end of a really good episode!! So unfair! :)

Well, hurry up and finish the story already...I'm trying to patiently wait for the ending. Oh by the the f*ck did she hit you?! I own a CR-V, so I don't see how or what she was thinking to get that close to you?!! DUMB B*TCH!! No one hits my Tomac! ;)

P.S. Tell Lisa hi!